Sedbergh TaeKwon-Do

Training Times

Sunday (all ages) 12.30pm – 2pm


Thornley Studio,

Station Rd,



“We train students at Sedbergh school privately once a week so if you go to the school be sure to get involved”

The Instructor

James Wilby is a second degree black belt in TeaKwon-Do.

He started TaeKwon-Do in 2012 at the age of 18.

Training under Mr Martin Harvey he received his first degree in 2015 and opened Sedbergh TaeKwon-Do in 2016

He is a fully qualified TaeKwon-Do instructor and a regular umpire at the  GTUK national championships.

” I’d wanted to take up a martial art for years but had never seen a club close enough to home. Quite by chance I’d seen a poster up in the local pub and me and a mate decided to check it out, we’ve both never looked back. I quickly found a passion for it and it wasn’t long before I was training every class that was on in the north west.

I’ll never forget my first black belt exam, I’d taken all my gradings under Grand Master Oldham and this one was by far the most intense experience of my time in the art form so far.

TaeKwon-Do has taught me so much, I’m glad to have the opportunity to introduce new students into our martial art and pass on what my instructor passed to me. I hope to dedicate a sizeable chunk of my TaeKwon-Do career to expanding what my instructor handed to me and make everyone in our GTUK family proud of us in the North.”