Good Day at Black belt Grading

On Saturday 19th May Fraser Nicolson from Penrith, Robbie Wells, Mandy Clement and Kat Connell from Morecambe took part in the GTUK Black belt grading in Coventry.

Fraser was taking his 1st degree in the under 12’s.
Robbie was taking his 1st degree 3rd star in the under 17’s
Mandy was taking her One and a half degree(half way to 2nd degree) in the adults
Kat was taking her 1st degree in the adults

After a long day I was very pleased to hear that they all passed.
Fraser and Robbie both received an award for the highest pass mark in their own age groups and Fraser also received the highest sccore for his thesis that was handed in on the day.
Quite an achievement for a 10 year old!!

Well done to all of you

Robbie and Fraser with Master Roy Oldham ans Mr Martin Harvey