Grading Syllabus for Coloured Belts

As you progress in Taekwon-Do you will be tested by an external examiner at club gradings. The grading process is very important to both your training and the growth of the GTUK. Gradings are designed to improve your techniques and maintain your enthusiasm, whilst being a test of both your physical and mental strength. There are ten gradings before you reach you Black Belt.

You will be expected to take four of these gradings per year (up to Blue Belt) and then three per year until you are ready to take your Black Belt grading. By successfully competing your gradings you will be awarded a belt. The colour of your belt is a representation of your ability.

Click on the belt to see what is required at that belt to progress to the next one.

 10th Kup (White Belt)

9th Kup (Yellow Tag)

8th Kup (Yellow Belt)

7th Kup (Green Tag)

6th Kup (Green Belt)

5th Kup (Blue Tag)

4th Kup (Blue Belt)

3rd Kup (Red Tag)

2nd Kup (Red Belt)

1st Kup (Black Tag)