Green Belt to Blue Tag (6th Kup to 5th Kup)


Fixed stance – side punch
Walking stance – circular block
Bending ready stance – side kick


Back piercing kick from sitting stance


Won Hyo Tul


One step No 3 & 4
Free sparring


Under 17 and over 40 do not break.

Side piercing kick both legs 1 board.


English – Korean

Bending ready stance – Guburyo junbi sogi

Circular block – Dollimyo magki

Closed ready stance – Moa junbi sogi

Fixed stance – Gojung sogi

Front snap kick – Ap cha busigi

Guarding block – Daebi magki

Inward knifehand strike – Anuro sonkal taerigi

Knife hand guarding block – Sonkal dabae magki

L stance – Niunja sogi

Obverse punch – Baro jirugi

Reverse punch – Bandae jirugi

Side front punch – Yop ap joomuck jirugi

Side piercing kick – Yop cha jirugi

Twin forearm block – Sang palmok magki

Walking stance – Gunnun sogi

Application of Technique

Releases from double read wrist grab

Releases from single front chest grab

Pattern: Won Hyo


Was the name of the noted monk who introduced Buddism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 AD

Pattern Pointers:

High inwards strike
Bring the reaction hand (side fist) in front of the shoulder of the hand that is striking.

Straighten rear knee of the L stance at the beginning of strike.

Target: Strike down to collarbone or side of jaw.

Middle punch is fixed stance
Punch finishes inside shoulder line.

Bending ready stance A
Hold – punch simultaneously with middle side piercing kick

Circular block
Is against two opponents. The block is done in a continuous motion therfore inhale only once. The hip joint is thrust forward at the second moment of impact and is in line with the point of elbow at the finish of the blocking motion

Two continuous movements on movements 19 & 22.

One Step Sparring (Ilbo Matsoki)

In all cases the attacker lines up and attacks from the ready stance. The attack is a middle section obverse punch in all cases and is repeated on each side.

As the attack sequence is identical throughout 1 step sparring, only the defense movements are documented.

The Attacker is positioned at A facing the Defender at B.

Number 3 – Inner Forearm Block / Back fist

1. Step back with left foot towards B assuming left L stance whilst executing a middle inward block with outer forearm to the attackers inner forearm.
niunja so anuro kaunde bakat palmok magki

2. Counter attack with a front back fist to the bridge of the nose whist sliding both feet towards A.
niunja so ap dung joomuk taerigi

Number 4 – Palm Block / Elbow Strike

1. Step back with left foot towards B assuming left L stance whilst executing a middle inward palm hand block to the attackers inner forefist.
niunja so anuro kaunde komsung magki
2. Counter attack with an elbow back thrust to the solar plexus pivoting counterclockwise whist assuming a fixed stance.
gojung so dung palkup