Green Tag to Green Belt (7th Kup to 6th Kup)


Walking stance – straight finger tip thrust
Walking stance – Wedging block


Reverse turning kick from sitting stance


Do San Tul


1 step sparring No 1 & 2
Free sparring


No destruction required


English – Korean

Backfist strike – Dung joomuk taerigi

Front snap kick – Ap cha busigi

High section – Napunde

Knifehand guarding block – Sonkal dabae magki

Knifehand strike – Sonkal taerigi

Mid section – Kaunde

Obverse punch – Baro jirugi

Outer forearm block – Bakat palmok magki

Parallel ready stance – Narani chunbi sogi

Reverse punch – Bandae jirugi

Rising block – Chukyo magki

Straight fingertip thrust – Sun sonkut tulgi

Wedging block – Hechyo magki

Application of Technique

Releases from single rear wrist grab

Pattern: Do San


Is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Ch’ang Ho (1876 – 1938). The 24 movements represent his entire life, which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement.

Pattern Pointers:

High outer forearm side block
The thumb level with eyes at the moment of impact.

Dip knee when punching motions 2 & 4 to obtain sine wave motion.

Middle straight fingertip thrust:
The thrusting hand must be directly in front of the solar plexus and the fingertips of the supporting hand are covered by the arm that is thrusting.

Chamber hands on chest lime palms facing inwards

High wedging outer forearm block
Chamber crossed hands on chest line palms facing inwards.

The distance between the blocking fists is equal to one shoulder width.

Whichever leg is in front, same side arm is chambered inside

Middle front snap kick
At a 75° angle while keeping the position of the hands as they were in the previous movement.

Punch from chest after wedging block, dipping knee on second punch to obtain sine wave motion.
Two sets of fast movements on movements 15 & 16 and 19 & 20
Execute front snap kick explosive from back leg, mass propelled forwards.
If hips are at 45° angle, use waist twist
If hips are both parallel front facing, dip knee (General Rule)
Distance of hands from the body in junbi position are A: 30 cm B: 15 cm C: 10 cm
Low Blocks: Arm bent :- closed hand 25°
Arm bent :- open hand 15°

Palm block:
Bend all fingertips slightly towards palm gripping lightly of reinforce palm

If both hands are away from the body when blocking, the next movement, if an attacking technique, is delivered from the chest line

One Step Sparring (Ilbo Matsogi)

In all cases the attacker lines up and attacks from the ready stance. The attack is a middle section obverse punch in all cases and is repeated on each side.

As the attack sequence is identical throughout 1 step sparring, only the defense movements are documented.

The Attacker is positioned at A facing the Defender at B.

Number 1 – Outer Forearm Block / Punch

1. Step back towards B assuming walking stance while executing a middle outward block with the outer forearm to the attackers inner forearm.
gunnun so bakuro kaunde bakat palmok magki
2. Counter attack with a high reverse punch to the point of the jaw.
gunnun so napunde bandae ap joomuk jirugi

Number 2 – Outer Forearm Block / Knifehand Strike

1. Step back with the left foot towards B assuming left L-stance whilst executing a middle outward block with the outer forearm to the attackers outer forearm with the right hand.
niunja so bakuro kaunde bakat palmok magki

2. Counter attack – Step with the left foot towards A into walking stance. Step with the right foot to L stance executing middle right knifehand strike to the back of the attacker’s neck.
niunja so kaunde sonkal taerigi